The Vernal Equinox


It is said that today marks the start of Spring, although the night before last the bone-chilling temperatures, arctic winds and blinding snow took a rather contrarian position, refusing to give way to the seasonal rite of passage. Nature, with a mere flip of the wrist or arch of the brow, can do that — have her way — without explanation or apology, reminding all in doubt, who reigns supreme as the true mistress of the universe. While some would suggest our fates are determined by the moneyed masters, those other contenders for the title, the barons of a street called Wall, I far prefer to entrust my destiny to the czarina of true power, fickle and temperamental though she may be. To honor her resistance in refusing to let go, (and who of us, after all, has not held on long after the obvious was made apparent), this very small homage to her royal highness, Mother Nature, and to the magical and mystical spirits who dwell in her domain. The incurably curious might want to cross the threshold for a closer look.


is a place
the silence
allows you
to hear



Quote: Wallace Stegner




~ by eaesthete on 03/20/12.

2 Responses to “The Vernal Equinox”

  1. wow,stunning

  2. I could crawl in there and hide away forever. Ah, a seed has been planted.

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