In Praise of Women


Today is International Women’s Day.



And while this day has been celebrated for over one hundred years…



honoring the economic, political and social achievements of women



women’s rights, particularly in healthcare, continue to be threatened.



I can think of no finer tribute
on this day in celebrating women
than by honoring one
who captured their magnificence
in photography –



Ruth Bernhard 1905 – 2006.



“If I have chosen
the female form
in particular,
it is because beauty
has been debased
and exploited in our
sensual 20th century.”



“Woman has been
the subject of much
that is sordid and cheap,
especially in photography.”



“To raise,
to elevate,
to endorse
with timeless reverence
the image of woman
has been my



“Each time
I make a photograph
I celebrate the life
I love
and the beauty
I know
and the happiness
I have experienced.





~ by eaesthete on 03/08/12.

5 Responses to “In Praise of Women”

  1. nice work.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you so much.

  3. We really are exquisite creatures…Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  4. The beauty of a woman’s form is never only physical.

  5. Your entire posting, “In Praise of Women The Errant Æsthete” was in fact very well worth writing a comment
    down here in the comment section! Merely wanted to admit you
    truly did a terrific work. Thanks for your time -Meridith

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