Halftime in America


With the New York Giants down 10-9 to the New England Patriots at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI last night, coach Tom Coughlin was, undoubtedly, giving the soon to be champs a “give ’em hell” soliloquy. Still, last night’s most memorable pep talk came from an unlikely hero, Clint Eastwood.

During a night when Hollywood rolled out blockbuster trailers for big-budget films like “The Avengers” and “Battleship” and companies like Go Daddy and H&M used the ubiquitous and, dismally, unoriginal tried-and-true sex sell to pawn off the latest of whatever it is you don’t really need, Chrysler took an inspirational approach, with a compelling two-minute narrative created by Wieden+Kennedy of Portland, that may have left the night’s most lasting impression.

Nice to see a bit of poignancy as antidote slipped into the annual corporate fest of gluttony and excess. And yes, I’m perfectly aware that the cost of this creative brilliance could have fed the children of Indianapolis for a long time to come.






~ by eaesthete on 02/06/12.

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  1. Just really smart…

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