Invincible Summer



I spent my Christmas this year on a Houseboat in Seattle. It was as near a blissful time as one might imagine. So this Boathouse designed as a contemporary week-end retreat in the Lower Mill Estate in the Costwolds, a range of hills in west-central England, has just the sort of idyllic reverie one might crave for a bone-chilling day in the middle of January in a year filled with uncertainty.





“The boathouse was conceived
to serve as a tranquil retreat,
the concept being that it should
float over the lake.”





“The construction and appearance
is highly contemporary,
but the use of traditional materials
like neural oak and slate
pay tribute to its rural setting.”





On my houseboat holiday, I, too, sat on an Adirondack chair high up on the roof one night, just before Christmas, bundled in a comforter and warmed with a brandy, to watch a procession of boats glide by in the night, silently moving across the water like proud black swans adorned in a raiment of lights glittering against the sky like small beckoning jewels.





Living at the water’s edge
is different–
it’s where two worlds meet,
where weather systems collide,
where views are longer,
and where you can almost feel
that you own a
little piece of infinity.





“The building consists
of a 4-legged
steel frame structure
sitting on concrete piles
[Concrete piles? So inelegant.
I prefer to say “mounds of
what the Roman’s
called opus caementicium]
sunk into the lake.”





“The large expanse of sliding glass panels
affords spectacular, uninterrupted views
of the surroundings
and the overhanging roof
provides ample shade
on a hot summer’s day.”





“In the
of winter
I found,
within me,




Boathouse design by AR Design Studio
Source: Home DSGN
Quote (1): A House on the Water, Robert Knight
Quote (2): Albert Camus




~ by eaesthete on 01/14/12.

2 Responses to “Invincible Summer”

  1. Beautiful…

  2. Only thing that would get me out of the city is a house on the water. Blissful, indeed.

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