Christmas, 2011 (MMXI)


A little girl is singing for the faithful to come ye
Joyful and triumphant, a song she loves,
And also the partridge in a pear tree
And the golden rings and the turtle doves.
In the dark streets, red lights and green and blue
Where the faithful live, some joyful, some troubled,
Enduring the cold and also the flu,
Taking the garbage out and keeping the sidewalk shoveled.
Not much triumph going on here—and yet
There is much we do not understand.
And my hopes and fears are met
In this small singer holding onto my hand.
Onward we go, faithfully, into the dark
And are there angels hovering overhead? Hark.



For all those who stop by from time to time to be greeted by something other than infrequent posts with outdated commentary, or deafening silence amid a state of neglect, leaving you to wonder if anyone is in attendance, forgive me. The proprietress, as she were, has succumbed to the all too tedious strains of necessity, incidentals like food and shelter, that require her presence in places far removed from the comfort and pleasure of these idyllic pages.

And now, here we are, another year past, windstormed off the calendar, with nary a moment shared or a glass raised.

Despite my distractions, you and my dearly coveted counterpart, the Errant Aesthete, are sorely missed. May you live in joy, abundance and gratitude in the coming days and may we all sleep in heavenly peace.



Poem: December, Gary Johnson
Image: Gay Street, NYC; Michael Magill.


For a little holiday enchantment, experience this:

Sugar Plum Fairy




~ by eaesthete on 12/22/11.

9 Responses to “Christmas, 2011 (MMXI)”

  1. I wish you the very best of the season, and a respite from the cares that wear you down. We, your gentle readers, salute you. Reggie

  2. Dear EA….you give me exactly what I need every time we meet. Thank you for your gift.

    Wishing you all the abundance that awaits you in 2012, Vineca XO

  3. Merry Christmas to you, E.A. Sometimes your emphasis is on the errant side, that is all. (I can’t afford internet access & use the public library for my work.) The important thing is find some time for the aesthetic side of things, too.

    • Jane,

      I had no idea the library was the source of all the beauty and intelligence you render. I am humbled at your dedication. I have long been an outspoken advocate of the libraries and learning this unknown fact only strengthens my resolve in doing everything I can to keep them thriving. A very Merry Christmas to you, as well.

  4. EA, sending you the warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a rewarding 2012 from the far north. Your visual ruminations and thought-provoking words never fail to bridge any distance between like minds and hearts. I look forward to your continued posting, however long the time lapse in between that’s needed to inspire them… :)

  5. Dear Miss EA, thank you for being there. I have never left your presence empty-handed…
    Seasons greetings from Brazil, where Christmas is always such a hot day!

  6. Well, after being revived with smelling salts after fainting to the floor, I came to and realized you really WERE back. Bien fait, Madame. You can’t do this to us anymore.

    Merriest of Christmases to you and a very Bonne Année!

    Bon retour,

  7. all the best to you EA!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic Holiday Season!!

  8. A most ardent and passionate season’s greeting to you Errant, from your ardent fan, Italia. And through the lookin glass to 2012.

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