Mes Excuses


It doesn’t take a refined mind or a discerning eye to realize The Errant Aesthete is undergoing some minor cosmetic changes. For all those who have squinted their way through countless posts, relief is imminent. I know many of you come here to bask in a bit of loveliness so how terribly gauche and ill-mannered of this aesthete to expose you to the backdrops, the props and the unsightly scaffolding that, in more polished sites, remains unseen until opening night.

My apologies.


The plaster head of a colossal Bavaria is unpacked at Crystal Palace, during its reconstruction at Sydenham Hill, South London.




~ by eaesthete on 08/17/10.

23 Responses to “Mes Excuses”

  1. Dear Aesthete,

    as always, your manners are as impeccable as your taste in art. This is irresistible for me, because I have come to realize that savoir faire is everything.
    Best wishes,


  2. You so funny Ms.EA….

  3. You are adorable….. and… I find this blog to be the most fascinating in the entire bloggosphere. [is that a word?? haha]

  4. I am not complaining.

    • Pamela and All,

      Thank you for bearing with me. It’s that lag time of summer before the start of fall, and it seemed a fortuitous moment to take a lapse and devote some effort to those small, but agitating, problems that plague and vex the most stalwart of readers.

  5. OK, EA, now it’s getting serious. Where ARE you?

  6. I can’t wait for you to come back. I love this place and your good manners.

  7. Yes, please come back soon! The civilized world depends upon it!

  8. Dearest EA, I’m feeling quite homesick for your blog. Please come back soon to cheer us all up.
    Much love,
    Miss W

  9. Dearest Errant are truly missed!! Hope you come back soon. Eilis

  10. Where the hell are you? I can’t take it anymore. Come back soon! And bring us all a big dose of style and beauty that we’ve been missing! Best Wishes, JA

  11. Je me sens punie pour je ne sais quoi… Come back, please.

  12. Please – Please come back. Just when i got hooked … can’t wait for the return. Love your blog. Hope all is well with you.

  13. Dear Miss EA, your martini is getting warm…

  14. Come back!
    agnes, slovakia

  15. You can forget about the Martini that Carlos had sitting here waiting for your arrival–I went ahead & drank it myself. But do check your watch. It’s getting late.

  16. Now it can be disclosed to the select few: an international task force has been assembled with the exclusive goal of finding Miss EA. The top level agents, cognisant in marksmanship as well as in Beau Brummel sartorial tastes, have been dispatched, immediately, to St. Moritz and the Maldives.


    Dearest Carlos,
    Our imaginations are always so much richer than reality. If only …

  17. Dear EA,
    I miss you very much indeed. The world is a much duller place without your musings. I hope that you are safe and that you are well nnd I am sending love.
    Miss W xx

  18. Interesting and delightful to find you. Now where did you disappear? xox ~ Alexandra

  19. Please come home for Christmas, dear EA. We miss you dreadfully.

  20. Dear Miss EA, it’s been four months and two days since you said “à bientôt”…
    Since I’ve been a good boy all this year, I hope you will be back for Christmas: this is the gift I am waiting for.
    Season’s greetings,


  21. Thinking about you this Christmas time. Hope you are well and to you and yours, a blessed Christmas!

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