Afternoon Delight



“Then followed

that beautiful season


Filled was the air

with a dreamy

and magical light;

and the landscape

lay as if new created

in all the freshness

of childhood.”


~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


It was the summer of 1976. And this melodious little tune with the suggestive lyrics was playing on the radio. Afternoon Delight.A song everyone remembers by a band (Starland Vocal Band) everyone quickly forgot.

Like the heat, uncharacteristically hot that summer, Afternoon Delight soared to number one on July 10. Written by Bill Danoff, the title was rumored to have come from a spicy (translation: risqué) menu item of the same name at Clyde’s restaurant in Georgetown. Maybe you’ve been there. Maybe you had a little afternoon delight of your own.





Video Emcee: Everyone’s favorite teen idol of the 70’s, David Cassidy aka: Keith Partridge.
Photographer Inge Morath, sunbathes by a swimming pool next to the sea in Acapulco. (Photo: Slim Aarons)




~ by eaesthete on 07/29/10.

5 Responses to “Afternoon Delight”

  1. His photographs are so recognizable, aren’t they?

    I have been to Clydes many times when I worked D.C. as my largest territory. Loved it. Great burgers. Is it still there? Never heard the song was inspired by a menu item, tho’.

    Fun post.

  2. Oh my – Keith Partridge & the Partridge Family. A favorite of pre-teens as well! The Afternoon Delight song – I must admit I was a bit of a prude in my pre-teen years and thought it ‘distasteful’ – honestly ;)

    Of course, at that time I was in my love affair with the ultimate pre-teen love, horses! I’ll have something for you later tonite by the way. My computer crashed … long story. Internet still sketchy…

  3. Dear Errant Aesthete, I must confess that, try as I might, I cannot bring to mind any redeeming features of the 1970s. Everything – music, clothes, food etc. seemed to be a veritable car crash of ideas from other decades with nothing original about it at all. Perhaps this was inevitable after the hedonistic orgy that was the 1960s. Oh, happy, happy days!!

    • Edith,

      There are many who would agree with you, although there is something about music, in particular, that no matter how trite, saccharine, or just plan bad it was, you were there and it along with you. And the memory of it, the surviving traces, can never fully be forgotten.

  4. oh, I have had several of those, by the pool or on the beach…. quite often I try to create a delightful moment like that for myself. This image is amazing.

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