Lisa Fonssagrives, Photo: Irving Penn
Model, Photo: Tom Palumbo
Jean Moral, Femme a la cigarette, 1930, unknown
Marlene Dietrich, Photo: Richard Avedon
Lauren Bacall, Photo: unknown
Catherine Deneuve, Photo: Helmut Newton
Marlene Dietrich, Photo: Helmut Newton
Rita Hayworth, Photo: unknown
Model, Photo: Giuliano Bekor


Images: Random and Le Clown Lyrique




~ by eaesthete on 07/19/10.

11 Responses to “Smokin’”

  1. yes, this is what glamorized it all-and the photographs are fabulous. Now I think of the smell left in all those satins and silks! pgt

  2. Ok, so it’s a dirty habit (eventually), but on some – what an accessory, right?

  3. Oh, it ruins the skin.

  4. Knowing what we know now it doesn’t seem glamourous at all. Yet, those images capture the world then. Catherine Deneuve is so impossibly beautiful anything she does seems lovely.

  5. I don’t care what anyone says…it looked cool when they did it. I still miss it sometimes, but then I see a fat hillbilly with one dangling out of their mouth and remember why I quit.

  6. Dear Errant Aesthete, Why is such a potent killer so seductive?

  7. I love these images… I love Rita Hayworth and that photo is amazing.

    The smoke that seems to dance with the camera and makes these images seem alive, and the pleasure in their faces is what makes these images so sensual.

    Another day, another beautiful post here.

  8. Most great things also have the potential to cause harm – love, ambition, curiosity, talent. “Everything that deceives can be said to enchant”. – plato

  9. why we all wanted to smoke…and did.

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