Oh Mon Dieu!



Dearest Readers and Fellow Bloggers, my return is imminent and your patience, what little of it might remain, appreciated. A bit of perspective, jumbled though it may be: this coming month marks three years that The Errant Aesthete first appeared in this vast and chaotic digital wilderness where rapidly cycling life spans appear and vanish like wind-swept tumbleweed. As anyone of little repute, who pens a blog, well knows, obscurity is a harsh and constant mistress who is barely appeased and scarcely soothed with comments and the occasional, but always welcome, surge in stats.

As synchronicity would have it, I have come to believe that absence just might make the heart grow fonder, or at the very least, multiply the beats, tepid though they may be. A few days ago on a borrowed computer, I noticed a surprising uptick in requests blowing this way to the threshold of the EA from that new breed of loyalists, the faceless, but fervent ‘facebook’ friend. I was duly surprised since compared to many, most, in fact, my list of online friends, acquaintances and fans, is witheringly modest, more like “friendless” you might say.

I could not fathom why this might be until I learned of the beautifully eloquent tribute paid me by the doyenne of letters herself, Dominique Browning, of the magnificent SlowLoveLife.com. To say it was an honor to be recognized by so esteemed a personage whose work is as meaningful, insightful and inspired as the life that fuels it, is a pitiable understatement.

To have that distinction seconded within days by the famed literary laureate, James Wolcott, in the acclaimed publication Vanity Fair with the most glowing of mentions for, what, to this writer, are three of the most beautiful words in the English language – The Errant Aesthete – is, well … Oh Mon Dieu! (Oh My God!)


“No prose synopsis can do justice
the lavish ravishing bounty of this site,
which is like an emanation from a marble chamber
in which Charles James and Cocteau
hold heavenly court.”


In this one brief moment that I wish I could still forever, the whole of the life of this small, unsung blog has, like a magnificent slew of stars pirouetting across the night skies, reminded me of what I, so often, forget: that wondrous and unexpected surprises are still to be found.

My dumbstruck thanks to Dominique Browning and James Wolcott for what will be cherished and remembered far beyond this day. And to those of you, those lovely and ardent few, who have been frolicking with me in this misspent waltz from the beginning, my heartfelt indebtedness for keeping me on the dance floor.


Suzy Vernon, Royan, septembre 1926. Photographer: Jacques Henri Lartigue




~ by eaesthete on 06/30/10.

17 Responses to “Oh Mon Dieu!”

  1. I believe they know a thing or two, but I’m still happy they concur with me. Sending adoration & love…


    Dear Marsha,
    I so adore your disparaging spirit – it sets just the right impudent tone. A scintillating tribute to be sure.

  2. Congratulations. It couldn’t have happened to a more lush or lavish blog.


    Dear Lynne,
    You are one of those “few” I spoke of in my post. Thank you for being there – repeatedly.

  3. Aw, heck, we knew the rest of the world would catch up to us enlightened folk eventually. We raise a stemmed glass in your honor, EA. I think of Sutton Foster, end of first song in the second act: stage awash in white light, her arms flung open, head dropped back after sustaining an impossibly perfect note, the audience on their feet, cheering wildly …


    Dearest Anna,
    A beatific vision to be sure. And a precise one — it is like gracing the stage of Carnegie Hall. Yet, as we know too well, it is the next act that preoccupies now. Thank you darling.

  4. It is attention well-deserved. I hope you realize that.


    My warmest thanks to you for stopping by to share this moment. I am a huge fan which only tends to exalt your good wishes that much more.

  5. Yippee…. even better than running on the beach with a black/white speckled great dane!


    Dear Author,
    A perfectly apt and, woefully, unappreciated word – Yippee! I could not have summarized it better.

  6. You are truly admired and respected from this quarter- but that you know. Nice to know others are coming around! pgt


    Indeed, your generosity of spirit, which I cite often, is boundless. Do know the admiration and respect is steadfast and mutual. It is, after all, those small, unassuming ripples that lead to the one notable wave.

  7. Please don’t leave us! Watch a funny movie! Don’t be so serious!
    We love you!


    I have to smile at your exuberance as though, suddenly, joyously, I will be swept off to the corridors of fame and fortune with this acknowledgment. Fear not, it had its rapturous moment and now it’s back to the rigors of inspired replication with a bit more wit, I promise.

  8. It was only a matter of time before the laurels would start falling on your head, dear EA. I’m essentially an optimist and believe that the cream DOES eventually rise to the top (at least I hope it does, for all our sakes!)

    Best wishes for the future of your blog. It’s always a breath of serene fresh air and an extremely appreciated bit of chic repose in my day.

    Bonne Continuation!


    Dearest John,
    I always treasure your comments and take great comfort in your optimism, which, admittedly, is often difficult to share. As most bloggers know, this can be a wearying endeavor. To think of lending a “bit of chic repose” to your day gladdens me immeasurably.

  9. I am very happy to have found your blog via a link on The Vintage Perfume Vault and look forward to exploring it further in the days to come. Thank you!


    Welcome. And thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. It’s always wonderful to add new friends.

  10. Your writing is phenomenal! I too found you via Dominique Browning’s Slow Love Life. For that I’m so grateful!


    The gratitude is mine. Thank you.

  11. Seems the universe is sending you a very strong signal that we need you back. But will wait patiently.


    Dearest Mrs. Blandings,
    You have been there every step of the precarious way – like a beacon in the digital dark. I think you know that.

  12. Dearest Everyone,

    I am sporting the widest of grins and will respond to each and every one of you when I get back.

    The Beaming Errant Aesthete

  13. I’m visiting you for the first time via Slow Love Life. What a pleasure. I became so engrossed I completely forgot to make my morning coffee.




    The very warmest of welcomes by an introduction (Slow Love Life) I treasure. I hope you will find endless distractions to consume you in the days ahead.

  14. Ciel! but it WAS bound to happen. Bisous de Paris!


    Ah, le style, your faith sustains me. Thank you dear heart.

  15. Telegram to Errant Aesthete:

    Well deserved adoration. (stop) Might require special cocktail for celebration. (stop) Don’t (stop).


    Always the cleverest of comments you pen. Thank YOU for all you bring to EA. We must share a prudent cocktail together one day.

  16. I am glad others are seeing what I see darling… your blog has been a really special part of my life for about a year now…


    Dear Nuit,
    Your presence is always felt and much appreciated. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  17. Dear EA this is wonderful, you are such an inspiration… always!


    Dear SS (Ellis),
    Believe me, I, myself, am quite inspired by this wonderfully unexpected surprise. Our connection is an indelible one — thank you.

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