Garden’s Dream


A garden’s dream
where the artist



I saw the dancing flowers swirl in place
and heard the songs they sang to catch my eye,
so I in silence stood and watched their face.



In large square
or long rectangles,
her canvas recreates
the design of a garden,
its embroidery,
its flowers
seen from
and afar



In the course
of seasons,
in the shadow
and the light.


The world of Claire Basler



Dancing Flowers Sonnet (excerpt) Marie Calhoun
Paintings of Claire Basler, via Helen James




~ by eaesthete on 05/25/10.

3 Responses to “Garden’s Dream”

  1. Lovely paintings. Chelsea Flower Show is on in London at the moment so I’m in a bit of a floral mood!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for introducing me to Claire Basler’s art. I look forward to seeing more of it.

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