Spring In Bloom


This week, the paint company Benjamin Moore presents its Hue Awards for the best use of color in architecture and interiors, with the lifetime achievement award going to the New York design team of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta of Diamond Baratta whose sophisticated, bold, and vividly-colored interiors have been featured in the New York Times, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, House & Garden, World of Interiors, and Elle Decor. This is the first time that the award has gone to interior designers. Some samples of their work.

For the entry of the house above in Captiva, Fl., the designers chose a bright turquoise (this year’s IN color) that evoked the color of the Gulf of Mexico. (What is now being derisively called the Gulf of Texaco).

Yet this is certainly smashing! The turquoise is everywhere, even used for upholstery and the insides of cabinet doors. The glass chandelier is Venetian; the mural at right is by Eric Beare; and the modern quilt at left is a custom design by Marilyn Henrion. Exudes happiness and memories of those wonderful blueberry popsicles.



Baratta’s Miami Beach apartment gushes with yellow. Rumor has it that Baratta came across a small print by the great 20th century designer Alexander Girard, and blew it up to full-wall size. “It makes the space look very big and clean,” he said.

The color reflects off the room’s floor, which is covered in three-foot-square white glass tiles. Punctuation marks of color come from orange leather cushions on stainless steel chairs, designed by the Italian master Luigi Caccia Dominioni.



The owner of this Manhattan town house loves blue, so William Diamond and Anthony Baratta used the color throughout the house, including this bedroom. Diamond called blue “the new beige,” adding that “It’s the least threatening color—it’s ethereal, and it’s about depth and space.” A woodblock print by Polly Apfelbaum hangs above the custom-designed bed and bedside tables.



Even though Diamond and Baratta are known for their use of bold colors, some of their chicest spaces are black and white. For the entry of Diamond’s early 19th century house on Long Island, the designers wanted to do a “cartoon” version of a wood floor, and asked the artist Adam Lowenbein to paint white grain on a black background. The antique Windsor bench has a seat cushion that was made by the designers’ go-to person for their famous braided rugs, Jan Jurta.


William Diamond and Anthony Baratta are the geniuses behind New York City-based Diamond Baratta Design, which has been operating for 25 years. They have had more than seventy projects published in such publications as the New York Times, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, House & Garden, World of Interiors, and Elle Decor.





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7 Responses to “Spring In Bloom”

  1. the first photo, of the foyer, looks like a painting in and of itself. I thought it was. This is wonderful. I wonder what it would be like to inhabit such a space as that or so many of the others one sees in architectural and design magazines and books.

    Who lives like that?

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  3. Oh my! I am so crazy about the first image, such a strong statement! This whole post is heaven!

  4. I actively dislike the first image, but for the color (divine sky blue, is there anything more optimistic?) and the chandelier, which I’m coveting.

    However, I love this blog so much, dear Errant Aesthete, and it makes me happy every time I visit.

    • Miss Whistle,

      So nice to have you stop by. I cannot claim an attachment to all of that color despite its cheeriness. Perhaps it was best suited for the foyer so that it might put a spring in one’s step.

      And, thank you. The thought of instilling a little happiness is the highest of honors.

  5. The first image is quite striking. The design choices make a strong statement.

  6. Excellent work by Diamond and Baratta Design, The bed and the dinning chairs was upholstered by JM Upholsteryinc NEW YORK.

    Visit us for inquiries!

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