Lest We Need Reminding


“A few minutes ago

every tree was excited,


to the

roaring storm,

waving, swirling, tossing

their branches

in glorious enthusiasm

like worship.

But though

to the outer ear

these trees

are now


their songs

never cease.”

~John Muir


It is Earth Day and to this writer, at least, sad, that we need be reminded of it.


Photo: Kussharo Lake Tree, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan, 2002, Michael Kenna





~ by eaesthete on 04/22/10.

3 Responses to “Lest We Need Reminding”

  1. I am saddened by this reminder also… to see what we’ve put our Earth through, all the destruction everywhere and the very little conscience all around to love it and save it. Mother Nature is suffering… It’s ironic because there’s talks about saving the earth everywhere, the politics, everyone talks about that… but the lack of action and concrete progress remain… The nations get together to discuss and the accomplish so little… there is no excuse :(

  2. “Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky.” Kahlil Gibran

    This is engraved on a eulogy marker beside the beautiful Sugar Maple that I had planted in her memory.

    My mother’s life force vibrates through every bird that lands on the branches, the oxygen that it releases, the carbon that it consumes.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by bumbleward and Michael Steger, Maureen Doallas. Maureen Doallas said: RT @mhsteger: Yesterday was Muir's birthday, too. RT @bumbleward: An exquisite post for Earth Day from @ErrantAesthete http://bit.ly/bjXT8S […]

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