Etude de Jeune Fille




“Time was when only the tiny little ‘ rosebud ” of a mouth was considered a feature of beauty.

The shape of the beautiful mouth, it was advised, must be good – ” like a bow unbent ” – and it must have lips fairly full and of a good colour. The red lips must then be set like strawberries in cream – i.e., the skin round the mouth must be smooth and white.

Expression must undoubtedly be good, if such a thing be possible, since a bad expression, ultimately, spoils the shape. Hence, “contortions and grimaces” are strongly discouraged. A well-formed mouth governed by an unpleasant expression is simply not beautiful.


PERSONAL TEA NOTE: On this day, special birthday wishes to the girl you once were.



Beauty Culture For Women. No. 5. Beauty Of Mouth And Lips
Excerpt: Every Woman’s Encyclopedia, 1910.

Painting: Etude de Jeune Fille (Study of a Young Girl), Thomas Couture




~ by eaesthete on 04/14/10.

5 Responses to “Etude de Jeune Fille”

  1. Lovely.

  2. I love this painting, it is ravishing.

  3. what a beautiful painting

  4. yes the painting is ALL. pgt

  5. ‘Set like strawberries in cream’ , I ADORE that thought. I’ve tried to think of any other descriptives as nice and just can’t

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