1. To live or reside in.
2. To be present in; fill: Old childhood memories inhabit the attic.
To dwell.



Often, inhabiting a space can begin with a lone chaise in a barren and long neglected room or a solitary desk placed near a light-filled window of paned glass.



“Inhabiting” does not only mean living within. It means occupying—infusing a particular site with our presence, and not only with our activities and physical possessions but also with our aspirations and dreams.



Samuel Clemens spoke most eloquently of inhabiting his Hartford home:


“Our house was not unsentient matter—
it had a heart and soul,
and eyes to see with;
and approvals and solicitudes
and deep sympathies;
it was of us,
and we were
in its confidence
and lived in its grace
and in the peace
of its benedictions.

We never came home
from an absence
that its face
did not light up
and speak out
in eloquent welcome—
and we could not enter it



”The most
beautiful house
in the world
is the one
that you build
for yourself.”



Images: Castle Gibson
Text: The Most Beautiful House in the World, Witold Rybczynski




~ by eaesthete on 04/13/10.

10 Responses to “Inhabit”

  1. Hope that house is never renovated, just maintained in its perfect state of disrepair.

  2. Absolutely great spaces. I love the atmosphere, the walls that seem to be old & decrepit… A perfect setting for a photoshoot by… Sarah Moon?

  3. You do have an excellent eye for beauty in art, design, whether it is fashion, interiors, or fine works of art. I feel a symbiosis with your taste and style. Enjoyed the western wabi-sabi influences of the walls combined with the newer looking old furnishings. All the photos made me feel right at home and the prose lends valued support to the photos. Thanks.

  4. Beauty and Eloquence…It made my day, and that was needed…Thank you again for your graceful and impeccable taste and artistry…

  5. Wow those are very beautiful pictures. I want to live like that! How do you make walls look like that? Have been to the Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens House in Hartford, have you? A fun place to visit —

  6. The solitary desk by the window is genius. The wall before it seems to be filled, behind garlands, with giant sheets of text; could there be better writing companions? Pure inspiration.

  7. its perfection…. new spaces are always empty no matter how much new furniture you put in them. A space needs to be lived! what a delicious post :)

  8. Everyone,

    A huge note of gratitude for sharing my love of this interior and validating my long-held belief that I could live quite happily in glorious decrepitude. (Oh dear, having said that will TEA (the Errant Aesthete) now be viewed as a fat broody hen with a wish to live in squalor ala Grey Gardens?)

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