A Political Note

I tread lightly in matters of politics and religion, but of late, I am of the belief that the passage of Health Care Reform is about neither. There’s a cruelty, hatefulness, immorality and complete abandonment of basic civility that is disturbing.

Might we conclude it is the death of “Hail fellow well met?”


A bit of hilarity from Maureen Dowd:

“The Democrats were walking around in a state of shock.

Holy cow, they were saying to themselves. We’re not total wimps! We don’t have to sit around and let ourselves be slapped silly by Republican bullies and Tea Party scaremongers. We can actually get something done if we suck it up and find a way to pull together.

One minute they were legislative losers, squabbling and scrambling for the off-ramps. The next they were history-makers, sharing chest bumps and goose bumps at the White House. How had the lofty president and the wily speaker suddenly steered them off Jimmy Carter Highway and onto F.D.R. Drive?”

And a bit of practical somberness from one thoughtful reader out of Boston:

“It’s good to read something positive about all that has happened, but I am not sure it is time to celebrate just yet. Something is very wrong.

All pretense of civility has been lost. Conservatives are escalating their offensive strategy, at first taking their cues from the rabble, and now egging them on and leading the attacks. They have allied themselves with an army of the ignorant and the stupid, and are probably as surprised as anyone at how easy it is to get them to work against their own self interests.

Conservatives cannot stand the position they are in. Once schoolyard bullies, they are now reporting to a nerd, and a nerd of color at that. They have no skill at building or creating, so they use their only real talents, which are to obstruct, taunt, undermine, and destroy.

Boehner’s frothing anger at the passage of the health care bill is a case in point. The anger did not come from his deep desire to help the poor and the sick, but from his fury that insurance companies had been reigned in, even slightly.

Conservatives want to turn this country into something else. I don’t know what, because I can’t fathom their feverish desires. I only know there won’t be any place in it for me.

I think I’ll wait a bit before I open the Champagne.”




~ by eaesthete on 03/25/10.

2 Responses to “A Political Note”

  1. I try to keep my politics to myself, generally speaking, but it’s really absurd. Has everyone forgotten we’re on the SAME TEAM?

  2. I have always enjoyed your website but was sad to see these posts which to my mind were written by the manspirited people who clearly see themselves as superior to “the rabble”.

    Thank you for your comment. And thank you for addressing part of my reasons for treading lightly in matters of politics and religion for, in truth, misunderstandings inevitably arise. For example, I don’t see these writers as either mean-spirited or superior. One is a paid political columnist for a well respected newspaper, the other is a reader with an opinion; a bit spirited of an opinion, perhaps, in wielding charges of ignorance and stupidity, but relatively harmless in rhetorical debate. Discourse, after all, and its infinite permutations of disagreement, is not an offense, but a right in a democracy.

    Your displeasure or sadness may have to do with labeling and affiliation, yet I am equally comfortable with substituting the Republican party for the Democratic Party, or a Liberal for a Conservative, although I don’t believe either substitution would be very convincing.

    My point: What is not included in this post, and what I was alluding to in speaking of the lack of respect and civility in this political climate has to do with language that instigates and incites: death threats, racial and ethnic slurs, sexual epithets, gun violence (“Reload”), vandalism, armed insurrection and doomsday scenarios (Armageddon); all broadly defined as hate mongering or language as intimidation.

    I’m sorry you are saddened by my post, but I am saddened by the present trends in Washington and the country as a whole, particularly when a majority of Americans now do not believe in evolution, are convinced that global warming is a hoax, and are deeply suspicious of science and scientists, and all the other people they denounce as “elitists.” That is the saddest thing of all.

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