Let There Be Snow


While the winter Olympics continue to captivate with their “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” digital drama, perhaps a little retrospective respite is more to your liking.

This past weekend the students at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire celebrated their annual 99th annual Winter Carnival. Founded back in 1911 by the Dartmouth Outing Club (see previous post), this grand tradition was established to promote winter sports and get in a little extra-curiculler activities at the all male campus by ferrying in girls for what was known as the premiere house party weekend in one of the nation’s loftiest bastions of learning.



Like the last romp down memory lane with the Outing Club, this winter jamboree, America’s oldest collegiate winter carnival, has it all, bonfires, downhill skiing, varsity sweaters, coonskin coats, and a touching performance by the glee club singing the school’s signature anthem ‘Dartmouth Undying.’



The film, circa 1954, had all the production panache of the times, with the voice of the Yankees, Mel Allen, doing the narration and former heavyweight writer, producer, Bud Schulberg, handling the production. This was, after all, to eventually debut at Radio City Music Hall.



For former alumni and those who wish they were, I would suggest you trot over to The Continuous Lean where friends, who were actually there, reminisce.

(As one commenter noted: “The worst sex I’ve ever had occurred at this event some years ago.”)

You will too, reminisce that is, I suspect. Or recount bad sex, if you prefer. It’s hard to imagine the world was once so achingly simple.






Man attending Dartmouth College Winter Carnival.
Photo: Peter Stackpole./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, Jan 01, 1937

Girl arriving at train station to attend the Dartmouth College Winter Carnival. Photo: Peter Stackpole./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, Jan 01, 1937

College students attending a party during Dartmouth College Winter Carnival. Photo: Peter Stackpole./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, Jan 01, 1937

Specatators crowd around the Psi U lawn-rink to watch a student take a turn at the Psi U keg jump,

Article: Alumni reminisce, recall lost Carnival traditions




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17 Responses to “Let There Be Snow”

  1. what a delicious post, would love to have been there… back in the day when, like you said, things were simple.

  2. Achingly simple and beautifully dressed. Neither of which we will see again, I fear.

  3. I remember the Winter Carnivals in Hanover, not as a guest, but as an onlooker-peering from the outside in. There were young women in Hanover. We were called nursing students , though we often felt invisible. But it was still entrancing to look into those lovely, lighted rooms even if we were not the one invited.

  4. Where are you, EA? I miss you. Come back.

  5. Dear EA, you a truly missed…I hope all is well

  6. that is meant to be ‘are’ not ‘a’..it’s too late and I’m too sleepy not a great combination when writing comments…any way..I do hope you are well.

  7. I actually saw this movie a few months ago. I forget why. I live in N.H. and harbored the hope one of my two sons would get a scholarship to a school like that. They didn’t.

    Dartmouth is a gorgeous school. Funny thing is, The Hanover Inn is still there and the school green and front bldgs look exactly the same today.

  8. My brother, who is an alumnus of Dartmouth (class of ’88) and I, would look forward to Winter Carnival each year. I was not as lucky to attend a quintessential “Ivy League” campus as I was enrolled at Boston University at the same time. For me, it was a treat to leave the urban surrounds of Boston and live somewhat vicariously as a Dartmouth student, if only for a weekend.

  9. Dartmouth always reminds me of Chariots of Fire. Coming from a big football school with incredible sports facilities, I was stunned by the quaint simplicity of the campus. I think the details of this man’s dress defines a generation and a time in America that will be viewed as golden.

    Hope you are doing something wonderful for yourself. Do come back now, you hear?

  10. EA, hope you are doing great… just wanted to say I miss my daily deliciously Aesthetic moment…..

  11. I am missing my EA fix too and hope you’re just having a break somewhere delightful – please let us know all is well.

  12. Hope you are well.

  13. I do miss your daily postings of thought provoking loveliness…and revisit here daily.

  14. EA hope everything is ok with you? Missing your inspiring posts

  15. baby

    i need your blog!

  16. Have I missed something? Whereever you are I hope you are enjoying yourself…bring us back something…ooh delicious! We wait with baited breath for your return.

  17. Have you given us up for Lent? Miss you.

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