Architectural Poetry


As the light wanes toward an inky sky, the spaces within spaces tell their own stories: I’m passing through time, invisibly bold; I’m anchored on a threshold of light; I’m married to the moon. Each precious pinprick of illumination declares, “I was born to shine.” Each fissure in the surface of my unblinking eye makes me a witness to all eternity.

~Saxon Henry



“Four Florida Moderns allows readers to join the conversation of a mature quartet of architects who strive to create works appropriate to their place and time. It beautifully illustrates the power and importance of the modern movement’s encounter with Florida’s contemporary lifestyle as it evolved in a place of strong light, challenging climate, and sublime horizon.”

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~ by eaesthete on 02/18/10.

2 Responses to “Architectural Poetry”

  1. Did I miss something? Wherever you are, I know you are having a marvelous time, bring us something back…oh delicious!

  2. Architectural Poetry.

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