“Sadly He Isn’t Me”

The Errant Aesthete is feeling a little errant today , it is after all Fat Tuesday, so when I came upon this spot for Old Spice from those sassy boys over at Chateau Thombeau, who are in serious ardor over “the man your man could smell like” … I couldn’t resist.






~ by eaesthete on 02/16/10.

2 Responses to ““Sadly He Isn’t Me””

  1. Thia was a great commercial! I almost fast forwarded through it while watching Lost, but it was the first commercial in the break and caught my attention just before I hit the 30-second skip. It was LOL funny. I especially liked the bit where the tickets to whatever event she liked (the ballet, bien sur) changed into diamonds cascading through his hands.


  2. No, sadly he isn’t…

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