Say It With Roses

“There are those
who spend lifetimes in houses
that have nothing to do
with who they really are.
They may be perfectly designed,
yet if they fail to reflect
the personalities of the people
who live in them,
the very essence
of intimacy
is missing
and this absence
is disturbingly visible.”

~Rose Tarlow



The Iron Rose (Cocktail)

2 parts gin
1 part Champagne
3 drops rose water

Put gin, champagne, and ice in a shaker. Add rose water. Serve in a martini glass, a flute or an exquisitely stemmed crystal that glints in candlelight.


Rose Tarlow, Melrose House, Fabric
Description: “Bloomsbury” in Merlot




~ by eaesthete on 02/11/10.

One Response to “Say It With Roses”

  1. oh this sounds lovely…

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