Lartigue’s Pursuit of Simple Pleasures


A few “snaps” as one of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century, Jacques Henri Lartigue, culled them for his personal album. He was rumored to have created one hundred and twenty such photographic albums.



While he was most famous for his stunning photographs of automobile races, planes and fashionable Parisian women from the turn of the century, (the sun-hatted beauty at top was the mesmerizing Renée Perle, Lartigue’s muse and wife) he was also known for capturing life’s simple pleasures.



He led a charmed life dedicated to the pursuit of happiness.



One might assume he found it.






~ by eaesthete on 01/27/10.

6 Responses to “Lartigue’s Pursuit of Simple Pleasures”

  1. Your pages are enchanting. Landing on your site is like stepping through a curtain into an Aladdin’s cave. A rich feast of sumptuous beauty meets the eye. I love it!

  2. Latrigue Intrigue. Do you think he thought of himself as the man commandedring the sail boat?

  3. I should say so!

  4. Errant Aesthete, if I had unlimited funds I should become a philanthropist, found a museum and ask you to take charge. It’s always a pleasure to find the things I love here and discover new things to love. Imagine having a building full of them!

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