Overheard – Disbelieved.

We the soulless Corporations of the United States, in order to form the Union more perfect to our shareholders, establish injustice, insure domestic inequality, provide for our common defense, promote our general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity at the expense of living American citizens, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Corporations of America.



Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President of the United States,
brought to you by Goldman Sachs, Mobil Oil, DuPont Chemical, and Coca-Cola.



Game over.
America loses.
Democracy has just been sold to the highest bidder.



Random comments culled from a variety of sites in response to yesterday’s supreme court 5-4 ruling to topple century-old restrictions on corporate spending in federal elections that had never before been questioned in the courts. In a sort of constitutional Frankenstein moment, the court declared that the corporation is, like the average citizen, what Dahlia Lithwick of Slate termed, “a real live boy.” Pinocchio, if you will.

Hence, corporate speech is now more compellingly “real” than the “voices of the real people” it will drown out.

Yesterday, such an unthinkable act would have seemed an improbable plot slated for a nail-biting political thriller, fiction, of course, with a screen adaptation to follow and a Jimmy Stewart type hero leading the charge, or a Jiminy Crickett type character with a conscience saving the day and our once beloved democracy.

Today, however, it’s all too numbingly real.


The Supreme Court’s Citizen United Decision




~ by eaesthete on 01/22/10.

12 Responses to “Overheard – Disbelieved.”

  1. Yes, and it also allows unions to do the same.

  2. Well-spoken. I, too, felt numb when I heard this. May I share your post (with credit, of course)?

  3. There are no words. I could not believe this. I am still just stunned.

  4. Is this about John Roberts trying to make a name for himself or defame the one this country already has?

  5. I know progressives are falling like flies from Obama. But this 5-4 ruling is what we will get more of unless we get more senators who are democrat or reliably progressive independents. Like Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The future of this country must be, “It’s the supreme court, stupid.” This ruling makes me ill. Perhaps finally we will have our fill and truly revolt from this disgusting path our country is taking. Tell me where to stand in line, I’ll be there.

  6. Alas, I suspect the Supreme Court ruling simply legalizes what in fact has de facto been the case for decades, but particularly the last. Major corporate players in the guise of National Security, Wall Street, have all had incredible influence on US Governments. Sucking trillions out of the US taxpayer. When US citizens come to understand the true enormity of the financial fraud committed against them (their children, their grandchildren, healthcare, social security) by the likes of the Goldmans, Merrills, JP Morgan, et al, with tacit government agency approval, then revolution should (will?) ensue.

    This I hope. But doubt. Needs an impassioned, educated and interested populace.

    Readers of this blog may not read the economic blogs – there are excellent ones well worth a visit: Naked Capitalism; Prudent Bear; Automatic Earth; Financial Armageddon; Calculated Risk; Nouriel Roubini. Lots of word, no pictures. Get informed, then act.

    • Marie,

      I could not agree more with what you describe as what’s needed for the revolution – “an impassioned, educated and interested populace.” I believe chances are better for the first and the last than the middle: educated. We continue to be a whining, excessively consuming, lazy lot as a populace with more interest in out shouting each other with blind fervor than in conducting ourselves with reasoned discourse based on the facts. Sadly, the media assists as our ally, audience and biggest promoter fueling conflict, controversy and exaggeration.

      Thank you for stopping by and enlightening. EA may not directly appear to be in the fight with its emphasis more on art and culture than politics, but at its heart, is a revolutionary waiting for the moment.

  7. Josephine’s comment “Yes, and it also allows unions to do the same” is disingenuous at best and insulting at worst. Corporations have infinitely deeper pockets and exponentially greater influence and she knows it. I haven’t the faintest idea as to her political leanings, but this a typically conservative line of thought meant to muddy the waters of discourse rather than address the heart of the matter. If you are not a multi-millionaire/billionaire and you support or are ambivalent about this decision, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why that is so, and moreover, what you could ever possibly hope to gain from it personally.

    As an expatriate who has lived in France for a few years now, I have to honestly say that this country, for all its problems (and there are many), manages to address the issues and listen to the voices of regular working people to a degree that makes America look foolish. As my partner wisely noted to me a while back, “their revolution actually worked”.

    • John,

      Thank you for this most thoughtful analysis. I worry that people like you, the ones we need most right now, are all expats and that those of us who still remain, are seriously questioning the choice. Thank you again.

  8. If the court considers a corporation to be an average citizen, then why do they alone benefit from government bailouts, special tax reductions, the list goes on….. These goodie bags aren’t offered to the average citizen. Highly discouraging to the true ‘average citizens’ of our country.

    Thanks for posting about this subject. I don’t see many design-oriented blogs discussing these types of issues, and they are important.

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