A Gift Of Gladioli

The lovely, lively and eminently thoughtful Emily of Emily Evans Eerdmans recently announced her betrothal to the newly anointed Mr. EEE. Reports have them feverishly scanning the shops of Kauai for china patterns.

Won’t you please join me in extending them the fondest and warmest of wishes for their every happiness. The royal photograph can be viewed here.


A Gift Of Gladioli by William Russel Flint.




~ by eaesthete on 01/15/10.

3 Responses to “A Gift Of Gladioli”

  1. All the best to a wonderful Emily and her new spouse!!

  2. Many thanks for your warm wishes and the armful of gladioli, beloved bloom of Oscar Wilde and my teen dream Morrissey. I have put them in a tall crystal vase in the bedroom, away from the curiousity of Gus, our orange tabbie. So lovely. xo, EEE

    • Emily,

      I did not know that Oscar so favored this bloom, but it does make the gift more personal. I can readily imagine them in crystal and you in white if only lounging in your dressing gown. Much happiness.

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