The Dartmouth Outing Club



Circa 1951. Ivy League meets Field and Stream or in today’s equivalent GQ knuckle bumps Garden and Gun. The venerable Dartmouth college, like all institutions of their day, recruited the finest young men of their generation with the promise of more than studious pursuits. The Dartmouth man, after all, was a rugged individualist reared for more manly men activities like hiking, hunting, canoeing, skiing, skating, mountaineering, word chopping, fly-fishing and, did I mention, girls? Hundreds of them, consorting at the annual social event of the season and biggest party of the year, the fabled Dartmouth Winter Carnival.

For a jaunty little stroll down memory line, long before spandex, crash helmets and clip-on ski boots, treat yourself to plaid flannel shirts, loose-fitting khakis, saddle shoes and the coolest car on campus — a woody. (Not a tattoo to be seen). Peer into the world of 1950’s Ivy League privilege in this quaintest of remnants. Pure Norman Rockwell.







~ by eaesthete on 01/08/10.

4 Responses to “The Dartmouth Outing Club”

  1. This is wonderful. Reminds me of a ragged news clipping I discovered, that identified my grandfather as lost in the woods with his business partner – in Algonquin Park in the 1950’s

    Alas, they emerged the following morning, at separate locations, recovering from ‘Scotch heads’.

    Good grief, what was that male bonding all about?…

  2. I aways enjoy your posts and have nominated you to Kreativ Blogger Award. If you are not familiar with this you post 7 items about yourself that your readers may not know and post 7 blogs that you love.

    • Dear Porcelains and Peacocks,

      I am not familiar with this specific honor, but that of another which is similar. It would appear there are several such competing awards circulating on the web, as I was recently included in another such distinction with slightly varying requirements (10 revelations as opposed to 7). It was as recently as mid December and can be found here: Noticed. Nevertheless, thank you for your very kind acknowledgement.

  3. I love Hanover and Dartmouth. I go there a few times a yr and love walking on campus, eating in town, visiting the college book store. It’s a beautiful place; one of NH’s jewels. Funny to view that film…so little has changed in town or on campus. Funny to recall that Ivy Leagues were once all male. They still ski, hold the Winter Carnival. I imagine much of their traditions are intact.

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