An Added Sugarplum


Simply too delightful to be missed or to go unnoticed. The holidays continue to be in full swoon, so please consider this a late, but wonderfully blooming entry.




~ by eaesthete on 12/27/09.

3 Responses to “An Added Sugarplum”

  1. Many are happy to see this year, this decade, end. Eight years of George Bush, two wars, a severe recession, uncertainty at every turn. The corporations of the world keep on keepin’ on and we are just beginning to react to their greedy ways. Perhaps we’ll rally and refuse to accept the lack of regulation they enjoy. Perhaps we’ll demand more of our politicians instead of less. That being said, we’ve elected our first President of color, we are re-evaluating our lifestyles, spending habits and hopefully what is truly important. We are FINALLY acknowledging our environmental frailty and trying to reduce our carbon footprint. I don’t think the recession has been a bad thing. It’s a long overdue wake up call which may help us learn to save instead of spend and be more self sufficient. I really want to begin 2010 optimistically, looking forward to health care reform, a curtailment of the war in Iraq and, hopefully, a shorter stint in Afghanistan. Those are my hopes and my thoughts. Thanks for the forum.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – it led me to to your blog I’m very glad to have discovered it!

  3. i stumbled upon your blog today via little augury – what a delight – the horse and sleigh photo reminded me of the poem i read today (1-2-10) on the writer’s almanac blog by garrison keillor

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