Out of Vanity Fair,
a legend in her own time.

“It’s incredible—

I’m 60,

and I’m playing the romantic lead

in romantic comedies!

Bette Davis

is rolling over

in her grave.”

Meryl Streep


Photo Credit: Brigitte Lacombe





~ by eaesthete on 12/13/09.

6 Responses to “Overheard”

  1. BD would be rolling over-though I think the lady would in general be a restless spirit! I saw and read the Streep VF piece-the pictures recall just how unusual her beauty was a the time and today as well GT

  2. Ah, another woman who inspires- I do like your choices!

  3. LA,

    The pictures of Streep over her lifetime are visually enchanting. In many, she is quietly dazzling. You have to appreciate, too, the times that would permit a 60-year-old woman to be a romantic lead. Or a woman in her late fifties being the lead in a romantic musical (Mama Mia) or the world’s most famed female chef – Julia Childs. To think that the best Bette Davis could get at 54 was Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is really quite extraordinary.

    Also thought it pretty interesting that when she was cast to play Clint Eastwood’s love interest in The Bridges of Madison County, many thought her too old for the part of a 45-year-old woman despite the fact that Eastwood was twenty years older.


    Le Style,

    What’s compelling about Streep is that she’s living in the time of her legend – how remarkable is that?

  4. hey, how about a SHOUT OUT to Brigitte Lacomb, whose photos you are running without credit? Wouldn’t that be the decent thing to do?

    • Duly noted and corrected. An unintended oversight caused by nothing more sinister than haste. My apologies to Ms. Lacomb whose work I greatly admire.

  5. She’s elegantly timeless and feminine. Such a regal profile.

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