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Like so many utopians, the Google visionaries have ridden roughshod over assumptions about how the world works and the fair and proper way of doing things. Intellectual property rights are merrily disregarded. As Columbia University law professor Tim Wu told Auletta [Ken Auletta, author] “If they had a copyright lawyer among their founders, they never would have started the company. The basic business of a search engine is to copy everything. . . . From day one, Google went out and copied the whole Internet.”

Reading “Googled,” it’s hard to know whom to root for. Executives like Karmazin come across as quaint P.T. Barnum-style hucksters whining about having their toys and easy profit margins taken away. But even though Auletta presents Google as the fearless young turk pulling the rug from under the bloated fat cats, Brin and Page come across as oddball cold fishes taking a geeky delight in dismantling existing structures because they think they can do it all better. There are occasional hints that Auletta doesn’t like them much either: In the acknowledgments, he snipes, “Google’s founders and many of its executives share a zeal to digitize books, but don’t have much interest in reading them” …

Googled: The End of the World as We Know It
Book Review
Los Angeles Times




~ by eaesthete on 12/05/09.

One Response to “Et Cetera”

  1. Total disregard for IP rights is unfortunately rampant in our society….from every school child who downloads a song without paying for it to every house wife that buys a “Louis Vuitton” on the street. They’re all as guilty and shameless as the wonder boys at google. I believe in karma and one day it will come around to bite them in the tuchus.

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