Les Patisseries de Paris

In Paris, everything looks like dessert. Or perhaps this captivating little film only makes it seem so. How can you resist “It’s hard not to love a city where there is a patisserie on nearly every block, where pastries are sold all day long to people who never get fat.”

Here’s your chance to be a sweet-seeking boulevardier. Find your muse in butter, cream and sugar. Just sit back and savor those delectable little mouth watering macaroons, eclairs, cream puffs, meringues and every sugary confection your little sweet tooth fairy can come up with — to the accompaniment, no less, of Cole Porter. Bon Appetit!


And for the more adventurous of heart who suffer from unspeakable abstinence, but with a wallet to match their addiction, a list of the ten best patisseries in Paris.


Illustration: Elizabeth Perotin




~ by eaesthete on 11/30/09.

7 Responses to “Les Patisseries de Paris”

  1. Swao my bagel and pretzel with you any day.

    from conshhohcken, pa of usa,

    michael j

  2. Thanks for the pastry porn; it was a great show. I especially liked Napoleon (his hat, not the patisserie). (I love the efficiency of the French language – using the same word for pastry and pastry shop.) I’m trying to catch up on the EA after a quick trip to Paris (I love your blog, but I don’t spend much time on the web when I’m in Paris.)

    I highly recommend Paris in December when it’s dressed for Christmas. It may be cold (and rainy), but les grands magasins on the Boulevard Haussmann (especially Galleries LaFayette with the multi-story Christmas tree in its coupole) are sure to impress and delight you. Then you can go to the Christmas market on the Champs-Elysees for crêpes and hot wine. Have you ever seen a booth at a Christmas Market that sells paté and caviar? Plus, there are a lot fewer tourists. If I get a slide show together, I will post the URL.

    –The Utah Mixologist

    • You managed a quick trip to Paris between posts? How perfectly clever of you. I am consumed with envy and am not in the least surprised that your internet time suffered as a result. Thank you for providing this wonderful imagery. I spent one of my December’s in Venice several years ago and it, too, was cold and wet, but the most memorable of sojourns. I would welcome a slide show. By the way, as an authentic mixologist do you have any suggestions for a special Christmas cocktail or two. Something French might be nice. In the meantime, visions of paté, caviar, crepes and warm wine will take the chill off this weekend.

  3. Here are some photos of Paris at Christmastime. I was there in December a few years ago and would like to return every year, but (sadly) usually don’t make it.

    Here are some French cocktail recipes I have posted on my blog. Unfortunately, many date from before I was doing photos on a regular basis. I will be doing Christmas Cocktails this month, so be sure to check back.

    Aphrodisiaque (doesn’t really work, but is still tasty)

    Nuit de Folie (can you help it live up to its name?)

    Kir, Kir Royale, & Cranberry Champagne Cocktail (CCC is not French, but is good)

    French 75 (a classic champagne cocktail)

    French Martini (not sure if its authentic since I found it in San Francisco)

    Utah Mixologist

    • Jim,

      The pictures of Paris are wonderful — oh, to be there.

      And thank you for the very refined cocktails, customized to taste. I hope to feature on in the upcoming days.


  4. For a sampling of all the above, drop by Gerard Mulot in the 6th. But if you shy from sugar, stay away. French pastry is sugar supercharged. After 30 yrs living in Paris, I still can’t eat them. The best pastries in the world can be found in Sicily, in Palermo.

  5. After having watched your sumptuous series of pastry pics, I am ready to draft my six month Paris itinerary. I’ll be in the city for research but a pastry pilgrimage is so much more appetizing than spending a 9-5 day at the Bibliotheque Nationale. Laduree’s Rococo colored macaroons will be at the top of my list; my other options will be more student friendly because pastries don’t qualify as a research expense. Inspired to splurge on a SLR camera…

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