Faraway Places


“ I am sending you
postcards from a place
where I am not.

We’re not tourists, we’re travelers

A tourist is someone who
thinks about going home the
moment they arrive

Whereas a traveler
might not come
back at all.”


Paul Bowles
The Sheltering Sky

Photo: Instanbul




~ by eaesthete on 11/09/09.

5 Responses to “Faraway Places”

  1. Gorgeous photograph! Who took it?

    • Jane,

      It is breathtaking, isn’t it? Sadly, the travel site that featured it, Indagare, does not specifically list the photographer. They seem to lump all contributing writers et. al. together.

  2. I want to be a traveler.

  3. Quote as found on The Barstool Romantic, who credits it as having been found on 2 or 3 Things I know. Both terrific blogs, one of which led me to your own, once upon a time.

    Now my own ignorance, though – is that the Hagia Sophia? Stunning, anyhow, and thank you for an eternally wonderful blog!

    • Scott,

      Thank you for your very kind words. As to the identity of that ravishing photo, the site of its origin, indagare gives no details, but let me look further and see what I can find.

      UPDATE: On checking further, I feel certain it is the Hagia Sophia, the epitome of Byzantine architecture.

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