Halloween: In Search of a Caption


In the spirit of Halloween,
a creepy picture in need of a clever caption.


What deviousness or hideousness lurks in the depths of your subconscious?


Each ghoulish image is chronologically numbered. Simply reference the picture of your choice, note the number and pen a cleverly conceived caption.


Silly, dumb, scary and/or delirious is okay too. It’s Halloween, after all.


A shamelessly bad example:
What is it they say of revenge? A dish best served cold.


The Gates of Hell or the Windows to your Perfidious Soul?


A risky proposition, I know, since my readers are not of the chatty variety, but please consider joining in, won’t you? Or don’t consider. Just act — impulsively!


An idea: for those who usually lurk nearby in silence — wear a mask! Come as anyone you’d like to be and feel free to pen a caption anonymously … but civilly (this being the Errant Aesthete after all.

May you revel in your deepest, darkest nightmares! Happy Halloween.


All of the above are the magnificently unearthly renderings of Virgil Finlay, master illustrator of the macabre, the supernatural, the other worldly. An exceptional talent.




~ by eaesthete on 10/30/09.

13 Responses to “Halloween: In Search of a Caption”

  1. How about…

    Halloween: the artist’s requiem

  2. Those are seriously sexy works.

  3. 1. I have nothing witty to say…but the first is an eerie resemblance of my visage first thing in the morning. Happy Halloween!

  4. 2. Is he off his meds again?

    5. I warned you about that restraining order.

    6. Who’s here for the matinee?

    7. It’s been too long.

  5. caption 1: Let Armageddon Begin

  6. 5. See, John, I told you my dancing was to die for!

  7. 2. Out of the frying pan and into the fire..

  8. 3. “She lives next door.”

  9. 6. We have a long tradition of drinking ourselves to death quitely.

  10. 5. I bet you were a real looker in your heyday.

  11. 1. The wings are vintage — pure, 100% bat skin cast in their own original webbing.

  12. 2. How will I know you’ll be happy with only one of us?

  13. 6: on ten…and remember, don’t commence fighting until you see the whites of “their” eyes

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