Dancing and Entrancing


The Edwardian era was a golden age for the country house party and money was lavished on entertainment and friends. In December 1911, with Edith Chichester Constable as accomplished hostess, ‘the old rafters of Burton Constable Hall … rung with glee and merry making’ in celebration of Raleigh C. J. Chicester Constable’s coming-of-age.

The Eastern Morning News reported:

“There have been charming scenes since the meet of hounds in the early morning, but the county ball to-night has brought with it a scene of dazzling brilliance. Here in this historic house, with its countless treasures and with scarcely a modern touch save the electric light, are gathered together members of Yorkshire families, met to do honour to Mr Raleigh C. Chichester Constable upon his coming-of-age.

… Dancing is being carried on with zest and the tout ensemble is one of rare splendour. …The staircase hall [is] festooned with evergreens and … Small tables have been set, and under the shaded lights the scene is one of entrancing beauty.

… It has been a night of old-time revelry in an old-world house, and a succession of scenes of a brilliance that for many years has not been eclipsed in the county.”


The Edwardian Country House Party




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2 Responses to “Dancing and Entrancing”

  1. I miss dances. No one seems to throw them anymore. I suppose our houses aren’t big enough, but there are any number of club members I know who could pony up…. Were that I were one.

  2. yes I think we should bring back the dance and the country house party! everyone should dress like it is 1911, oh what fun and frivolity just what we need

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