Destination: Prague


Have you ever found yourself feeling a strong connection to an image that leaves you feeling hopelessly confounded and stupidly bewildered as to the source of its magnetism? What is it about the pull of emotion attached to an image you’ve never laid eyes on? When I stumbled upon this photograph of Prague, I knew precisely why I was drawn to it and why I wanted to hold onto it in my subconscious. It set the mood for the story I’ve been researching. A story on vampires.

So even though my attachment was known to me, it was no less fatal in the force of its gravitational seduction. This image so beautifully captured the dramatic narrative of what I’ve been envisioning that it left me nearly breathless in imagining the sweep and scope of a story that would unfold with this scene at the heart of it; its medieval architecture, its regal bearing, the softly lit curves of the arches, statues, and arc of the dome of the cathedral and the feeling of both enchantment and foreboding that seems to quietly murmur throughout its shadowed somberness.

Some may find fault that Transylvania was not my featured destination, but why be so obvious? My vampire bride, extraordinary in her beauty and unorthodox in her behavior, is a heroine as captivating as any who have moved through time and legend. And in this historical milieu where vampires are revealing themselves in the most pedestrian of places like JFK’s seventeen thousand acre cargo hold, where sleeping passengers entombed in their crypts are safely shuttled to and fro {For the engrossing details, read The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan], it is clear to even the most remotest of devotees that a whole new dawning or evening, if you will, of blood supping looms on the horizon.

Back to Prague, a magical place that boasts hundreds of architectural landmarks, including two visible in this evening shot: the 14th-century, statue-decorated Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)—from which the photo was taken—and the domed Church of St. Francis. Any thoughts on how you might spend an evening here? And who you might like to meet up with? I assure you, she won’t bite, only beguile.


Photograph by René Jakl/Spectrum Pictures for National Geographic.




~ by eaesthete on 10/02/09.

6 Responses to “Destination: Prague”

  1. I certainly see the shadow of what seemed to be a statue moving in an otherwise perfectly still but well lit night. But I’d like to hear your story! If this picture could illustrate it I’m sure it would give me just the kind of chill and sense of wonder I like. (Halloween is my favorite occasion; I’m gearing up for it now.)

    • Many thanks for your comment. Admittedly, I was putting a bit of a lure out
      there to crystallize my own thoughts after coming across this photograph.
      And it’s apparent your enthusiasm was immediate in noting the movement of the statue.
      Thank you, too, for sensing two primary components of my other worldly tale: chill and a
      sense of wonder.

  2. i imagine drinking a dark smoky liquor and watching from a shadow, the lone street musician standing at the Church’s steps refusing to turn in as the evening draws later. He plays a cheap recorder slowly that whistles forlornly faintly echoing off the surrounding structures.

    • Sean,

      Wonderful imagery. I can literally hear the sounds reverberating in the otherwise silent square.
      And, of course, the idea of anyone lurking in the shadows sends a skittish chill up my spine.
      Thank you.

  3. God, what a gorgeous photo. The shadow in the foreground and the blotted out sky almost make it look like a set for an opera. Lovely.

  4. This image is beautiful – the gas lamp is sentry to the ‘otherworldly’ architecture and ambiance.

    Violin, Anne Rice…must-read.

    I will think of you whilst supping this evening….we just ended our Nuit Blanche in Toronto (sunset to sunrise). There were surely vampires at the festivities…

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