Recessionary Bar Lore


Not long ago the Playwright Tavern would be filled to capacity with investment bankers. These days the boozers are fewer and more eccentric, observes a multimedia producer for The Economist


Outside, Mr Reilly greets guests and passersby
in the same welcoming tone.
He might be the most affable doorman in New York.

When tourists pause to look at the menu,
he puts a warm palm on my arm
and holds it there
to mute our conversation
while reciting in practiced bel canto,
“Good evening ladies,
there’s a lovely dining room upstairs,
and if that handsome young man
drives you to drink,
we also have a beautiful bar.”


Intelligent Life
Lehman From the Bottom of a Glass




~ by eaesthete on 09/24/09.

One Response to “Recessionary Bar Lore”

  1. Very interesting. I, myself, am not a night hound, since my job doesn’t offer the luxury of partying, but I have been wondering about the effects of the economy on the cocktail crowd. The idea of honing in on a bar catering to the Lehman group before and after is genius.

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