Leonard Cohen: State of Grace


A documentary filmed mostly in Montreal during the winter of 1964. The film’s narrator remarks, in the plummy tones of a “Dragnet” voice-over:

“Out of the crowds of Montreal has come a singular talent, with four books under his belt, and a growing reputation. He is not primarily a standup comic but a novelist, a poet, and a very confident young man.”

The film, a documentary called Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Mr. Leonard Cohen,” was intended to follow four Canadian poets on a reading tour.

By the final cut, the introspective, deadpan thirty-year-old Cohen had stolen it. We watch him on Canadian television, cheekily telling an interviewer, “I haven’t a single concern” except to discover each morning whether he has woken in “a state of grace.” (If not, he says, he goes back to bed.)



Sasha Frere-Jones
The New Yorker




~ by eaesthete on 09/22/09.

4 Responses to “Leonard Cohen: State of Grace”

  1. And what an expressive voice. Or maybe it’s his delivery?

    (Still haven’t found the bar tray photo, sorry!)

  2. I love Leonard Cohen…sadly my husband does not share my affection.

  3. I have my tickets.
    I cannot wait.

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