C’est magnifique!


While the beautiful and damned of New York’s Roaring Twenties took partying to mythic heights and the swing era brought in big bands, crooners and ballroom dancing across polished floors, the sixties witnessed a strange new gyration in dance called the twist.

Nevertheless, the privileged and entitled continued conducting fashionable parties across town, signing up violinists, cellists and pianists to provide musical accompaniment amidst the cocktails, canapes and chatter of the smart set. Unbeknownst to revelers was the quiet, but hardly unremarkable, introduction of a new form of entertainment hitting the party circuit: a Rubenesque red head with a small cheek curl, armed with little more than a pouty mouth, a comely figure and what is commonly known as, a squeezebox, who wisely dispensed with the fez-hatted monkey in a scarlet jacket to wow the audience with her singing debut in the language of love at one of Manhattan’s poshest gatherings. According to those in attendance, she was, as they say, ooh-la-la!


Image: Vintage 1920’s – 30’s art deco in era erotic real photo postcard; young hand tinted nude in a harem scene. Ebay






~ by eaesthete on 09/06/09.

5 Responses to “C’est magnifique!”

  1. You are so clever EA. I was racking my brain reading this trying to figure out who this was about. Even though I saw it when it aired, it’s just as good the second time around. And the lead-up with the writing is great “a Rubenesque red head with a small cheek curl.”

  2. I am not so clever. Who is this enigma you speak of, please, please tell me…I feel like a dunce right now.

    • Vineca,

      First of all, did you preview the clip attached to the post?

      I believe she was referring to the indomitable Joan Holloway of Mad Men
      and the fact that rather than reveal her identity at the outset, I wrote up
      the post as a kind of tease.

  3. My brother-in-law went to high school with her. I shall have to ask if he remembers this particular talent…

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