Parading into Fall


Paris: The runway at John Galliano.


New York: Anna Selezneva at Marc Jacobs.


New York: Anna Selezneva at Marc Jacobs.


Milan: Backstage at Giorgio Armani.

Trends for 2009: Conservative. (Only in style mind you. Politics are an entirely different matter). This season, into which economic reality has rather conspicuously intruded, fall fashion has been distilled into its most essential elements. Stylish but prudent.

The clothes might be subdued in some ways, but there’s a bounty of what the fashionista’s are calling “wearable,” which is to say, realistic: simple motorcycle jackets, silky printed dresses, waist-defining belts (think Michelle Obama). And what would a new season be without a new bag? This fall, even those have been simplified to their essence, with hardly a logo or a glint of hardware anywhere in sight. Simple is better these days. Right now, fashion is meant to last. How obviously sensible is that? Might I ask what took so long?

There’s even a certain real world sensibility in production values with the participation of photographer Marcus Bleasdale, more typically found covering world affairs in Somalia and Sudan. With the skill of a pro and the intoxicated eye of a newcomer, he shot a gorgeous evocation of the mad rush just beyond the end of the runway leading right up to the moment when the model meets the mat.


New York: The finale at Marc Jacobs’s fall show.







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  1. These images are ravishing!

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