Life the Musical

A new Facebook friend from Toronto tells me its citizenry is very into jazz. It would appear they also share a love of top hats, tails and Busby Berkeley as evidenced in this exquisitely bubbly rendition of “Baby I’m a Fool” by chanteuse Melody Gardot. If the Errant Aesthete were a musical, I feel certain this would most closely approximate it.

So don your most dazzling dressing gown, prepare an aperitif of your choosing, Lillet, perhaps, in fine crystal stemware, run a tepid bath adding just enough crystals to inflate and float those perfect little bubbles, and have a long delicious moment.





~ by eaesthete on 08/13/09.

2 Responses to “Life the Musical”

  1. Perfect choice for your own musical production. Besides, I’m always a sucker for a happy ending — girl gets boy.

    While Lillet would be the more appropriate libation, I’m opting for an Old Fashioned in honor of the return of Mad Men.

  2. XOV

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