Simply Certifiably Swedish


As anyone who trolls the digital neighborhood, whether purposefully or aimlessly, knows there is a well traveled cadre of blogs devoted to the sublime pleasures of decorating and design. It is understandable given our penchant for laying claim to the vestiges of home. The spaces we occupy, the pieces we prize, the remnants we hold dear, not only ground us, but define who we are.

My travels through this exclusive terrain recently turned up a new captivation in the world of decor brought to us by the sensitive and serious Swedes. The smart set will immediately recognize the name Cote de Texas as one of the preeminent destinations for lovers of the exotic and obscure. There is so much to ogle, one has to practice real restraint. But ogle I did over these exquisitely austere rooms filled with tones of cream, violet, rose, sienna, and cerulean punctuated throughout with small patches of gingham.


As you move through these soothing spaces, (could that be the strains of the Flower Duet from Lakmé playing in the background?) you feel such a complete sense of appeasement as though life was meant to be quietly composed with nary a wayward thought of angst or agitation. So sturdy is the schooner anchored between two pewter candle sticks with a simple plate dividing them, one could easily mistake it for a Dutch still life.


The secret to the Swedish aesthetic, as evidenced here, is having the confidence to mix old and new while maintaining a clean and simple balance. From the prized cabinetry to the hardwood floors, the gilded mirrors, the pale color hues and the window treatments that flood the room in sunshine, there is not a single misstep. So clean and uncluttered is the result that like a church, one almost feels inclined to meditate in quiet, uninterrupted repose.


For the incurable and overwrought lover of these quietly elegant creations, look to the books of the two women, Rhonda Eleish and Edie van Breems, who are masterfully introducing the taste and sensibility of the Swedes to the homes of the world. Their first endeavor Swedish Interiors published in 2007 is soon to be followed by Swedish Country Interiors, September, 2009.


And for more of the pristine imagery and soulful eloquence of these ravishing living spaces, pay a neighborly visit to Cote de Texas.



All photography courtesy of Cote de




~ by eaesthete on 08/10/09.

5 Responses to “Simply Certifiably Swedish”

  1. The rococo pieces are a beautiful example of Gustavian rococo named after Gustav III, the king of Sweden 1771 –1792. Gustavian rococo is less elaborate than French or Enlish rococo, which it suitable also for modern homes. Gustavian chairs are specially easy to recognize, since the legs are held together by an “H”-like support just above the floor.

  2. you just made me a proud swede ..
    glad to have stumbled on this beautiful blog;
    ( found it when swooning over favourite lartigue’s
    photos of renée perle ).

    so thank you ! ~ & i was also wondering about the
    stunning photo in your header .. what is it ?
    ( i’m sorry if it’s written somwhere; can’t find it. )

    love ~ hannah

    • Hi Hannah,

      Those photos of renée perle are glorious and I am happy to have contributed
      to your love of your heritage and homeland. A captivating place I’ve only once visited.
      As for EA’s banner photo, it’s a random shot I stumbled across a few year’s back. I still remember the day very well. I had assembled some choices of what I imagined the errant aesthete to be. And it wasn’t immediate to me that it would be a face, a pose or even a person for that matter. Thus, I was preparing for a somewhat arduous task when no sooner had I started to fit, focus and scale when suddenly, I previewed this timeless and alluring woman and simply “knew.”
      Thank you for inquiring about it. In truth, I’ve never had an inkling of what others thought of her so your endorsement is greatly appreciated. Even after all this time, her presence is so undeniably associated with the errant aesthete, it’s hard to imagine anyone or anything else gracing these pages so unmistakably.

  3. Fantastic pictures! I love the vary large hard wood floors on the 3rd photo!
    Thank you so much for the photos!

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