Summer Sighs: Kenton Nelson



The inimitable work of Kenton Nelson




kenton nelson-dive

Picture 7

“It’ll take you back to whatever world you’re prepared to visit again, whether it’s art or your own dreams of an unsullied future. Nelson’s mock-Soviet version of Southern California gives you all the slack you need to transplant his picture-perfect idealism to your choice of settings or sets.”


—Dennis Jarrett, “Picture-Perfect.” SF Reporter



“Nelson paints in crisp bright hues redolent of Depression-era children’s-book illustrations. Shadows are cleanly defined, edges are carefully delineated, and everything—from lighthouses to clouds—is given equal weight. Nelson creates an American ideal reminiscent of Dick and Jane or Ozzie and Harriet.”


—Grady Turner, “New York Reviews.” ARTnews

Picture 9

bathing_Kenton Nelson

“Nelson’s paintings are a kick to look at. But like the short stories by Cheever and Fitzgerald, they are not about milk and honey.”


—Lynn Cline, “Nelson’s World.” The New Mexican



“Fables for our time, these are cynical little mysteries which leave the viewer to fill in the blanks.”


—Rick Gilbert, “Houses of Everyday Life…” Art Beat

lunch- R.Kenton Nelson




~ by eaesthete on 07/31/09.

6 Responses to “Summer Sighs: Kenton Nelson”

  1. I have a friend who owns one of his pieces – I just had the opportunity to see it recently. Fantastic.

  2. I must admit this is my introduction to Kenton Nelson. These paintings remind me of Edward Hopper. The one of the girl sitting by the pool on the ground reminds me of Hopper’s ‘Morning Sun’. I’m not an art critic, but I suppose Realist work like these are often deceivingly simplistic. Like Hopper’s works, they speak volumes, reflecting the era and psyche of the time.

  3. I am drawn to these images for their sentimental value – they are stylish and nostalgic. Unfortunately, I cannot help but view them as commercial art – I miss the vital flaws of brush stroke or uneven colour and depth of field that give ‘art’work the humanity I seek. That’s just my opinion, not to take away from the technical excellence of these compositions.

  4. is there anywhere to get these prints?????

  5. where can you get these prints or the associated catalogue featuring them?

  6. The works have a definite decorative quality but go way beyond that. One feels drawn into the scene and becomes fascinated by what seems to be happening there. Nelson manages to capture spontaneity and a certain wistfulness in spite of his very stylized painting technique.

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