The Poetess Palin

Could it be that the mystery that is Sarah Palin has at long last been revealed? While a good portion of the electorate and the world marveled over her muddled gifts of logic, language and lyrics, were we, in fact, naively unaware that her extraordinary skill set was of a higher elevation far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Rather than dismissing her as a chronically meandering pol, a blithering nonsensical simpleton, should we, perhaps, have honored her as a more sensitive and gifted artiste? A beat poet for example.

The theory was put to the test the other night when everyone’s favorite thespian, William Shatner, did the honors of appearing on the “Tonight Show” to recite the former Governor of Alaska’s resignation speech to the accompaniment of soft drum beats so fondly reminiscent of the beat generation. It was really quite magical.






~ by eaesthete on 07/29/09.

One Response to “The Poetess Palin”

  1. Palin has tapped the tundra of her mind.

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