Since France’s summer vacation season
kicked off in early July,
the press has repeatedly sounded the alarm
over the shrinking number of topless women
on the nation’s beaches.
As eagle-eyed reporters have made quite clear,
the prevailing trend
among sun-loving women these days
is to actually use both pieces of their bikini.
Le Monokini, C’est Fini! shouted Le Parisien
in its July 21 report from a Mediterranean beach,
using the preferred term for toplessness.

“Nude Breasts Are Less Trendy”
concurred free daily Metro France.
“The fashion has become common,
and as a result, less appealing.”

“If burning bras and going topless
were the way
French women of the 1970s and ’80s
demonstrated their freedom,
their daughters and grand-daughters
seem less comfortable with exposed flesh.
“We’re seeing a return
to more [conservative] and families values.” …
“Modesty and discretion are in fashion now.”






~ by eaesthete on 07/28/09.

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