You Wanna Be My Friend on Facebook

For those of you who knew of my recent participation in a tedious tryout befitting a you-tubing, twittering, triple-caffeinated facebooker with the prowess, panache and posse of a show- stopping standout on American Idol that left me feeling vaguely disenchanted, ethically tainted, and socially ostracized, a tiny smidgen of unbridled joy from an old flame who compassionately and sensitively (why so late?) understood my angst and rants perfectly.

Sending along this video, he remarked with characteristic affection that it reminded him of me. I responded back that it could be the outfit (that black-bowed hairpiece would have been part of my sartorial splendor in days past) or the not-so-subtle outrage harmoniously cooed by a peroxided sister, but, yes, there were undeniable traces of similitude. (Disclosure: I can’t hold a tune or a candle to her thrilling audacity).

I apologize in advance to those who might find Kate Miller-Heidke’s lyrics the least bit offensive, but it’s so wonderfully fitting and charmingly rendered (or at least what passes for charm in these graciously bereft times), I hope you’ll appreciate it as much as I.






~ by eaesthete on 07/24/09.

7 Responses to “You Wanna Be My Friend on Facebook”

  1. Ah EA this is sweet! Always good to know old flames are good for something.

    As for that competition, their choice spoke volumes — and none of it good.

  2. Have you heard the song “I google you”

    Your blog is so classy.I am afraid to comment ,it feels like one of those beautiful things on display that you are allowed to appreciate from a distance but can’t touch.

    • Dearest Cactus,

      “I Google You” is perfectly wonderful and no, I’ve not heard it.
      Thank you so much for the addition.

      And please, don’t ever feel afraid to comment. This can be a very lonely pursuit
      and it means much to know I am making a connection.

      Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful words on EA. You have no idea how
      those words sustain me and my efforts.

  3. ever consider having something like a comment of the month feature? Where the best comment from the month is displayed again? Just a thought. I do like the site.

  4. Thanks for the lift. Brilliant. S it is necessary to kill ’em with satire and laughter. This did both so well.

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