Swoon Worthy II

Blairby Chuck Nitzberg

Blair. Chuck Nitzberg, collage with gouache and acetate. (1980)

This past April the Society of Illustrators opened their new museum exhibition, “In the Line of Fashion,” which EA featured in part in Swoon Worthy.

by Chuck Nitzberg(2008)

Lavender Sweatpants. Chuck Nitzberg, gouache and pencil. (2008)

So popular are these illustrations as a staple of fashion, I’ve assembled some additional swoon worthy sketches. And for the hard core enthusiasts, take a look at the master himself, Kenneth Paul Block, who recently passed away. The Hauteur of Fashion Illustration.

bumble bee girlby Karen Santry (2007)

The Bumble Bee Girl. Karen Santry, oil on rosewood (2007)

cocktail partyby Eric. (1944)

Untitled Cocktail Party. Illustration by Eric. (1944)

What’s captivating about these drawings is that they never look dated, lending them a certain timelessness.

Giant Versaceby Antonio Lopez

Giant Versace, Antonio Lopez. (Unknown year)

The exhibit featured fashion illustrations when they were at their peak in the forties and fifties — as well as notable sketches from as recently as this year — all focusing on illustration as a means to communicate fashion.

by McClelland Barclay,ad_Hummingbird Hosiery Company(forties)

Untitled. McClelland Barclay, advertisement for Hummingbird Hosiery. (ca. forties)




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