The inimitable Mary Louise Brooks (November 14, 1906 – August 8, 1985), aka Lulu, generally known by her stage name Louise Brooks, an American dancer, model, showgirl, courtesan, alcoholic, notorious spendthrift, suspected bisexual and silent film actress, famous for pioneering the bobbed haircut. A regular guest of William Randolph Hearst and his mistress, Marion Davies, at San Simeon. Countless affairs, multiple marriages and a self-admitted penchant for “elegant and well-heeled admirers.” Rumored to have destroyed her laboriously intensive autobiographical manuscript by throwing it into an incinerator.




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2 Responses to “Lulu”

  1. All is not lost. Aside from “Lulu In Hollywood”, Brooks’s fascinating book about her career, Brooks moved to Rochester, NY, during the 1950s and decided to donate her archives, whatever they contained, to the George Eastman House.

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