The Late Mr. & Mrs. Comfort


“In Memory of the Late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort”

A fable photographed and created for The New Yorker
by Richard Avedon in collaboration with Doon Arbus and featuring model Nadja Auermann
November 6, 1995 Issue




These images appeared in the New Yorker magazine in November 1995 and features the extraordinary model Nadja Auermann as Mrs. Comfort and a lively skeleton as Mr. Comfort.


In intensely saurated colors the story of destruction, disarray, desolation and demolition is cinematically played out and open to interpretation on many levels.



This body of work was a shocking departure from any of Avedon’s previous work, and its beauty, violence and humor evoke strong responses from the viewer.



Staley Wise Gallery, NYC
Through August 28, 2009





~ by eaesthete on 07/19/09.

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