Perfecting the Bond Martini


Sean Connery aka James Bond

For the discriminating palate, the world’s Best Martini, we are told, is to be found in the clubby little bar of Dukes Hotel, London, where Ian Fleming first gave Bond’s definitive “shaken, not stirred” instruction.

According to the lore of the legendary double-o-seven, bar connoisseur Alessandro Palazo renders his martinis with a style that the master spy himself might covet. An immaculate tray laden with icy Crown Jewel gin, Potocki vodka, Angostura bitters, and Lillet. Much shaking (better to chill the drink, you know) and, presto, a Vesper martini. And if you’re really feeling sporting or clandestine, follow Bond’s latest incarnation, Danial Craig, and order it up in a deep champagne goblet.

For portions and guidelines see EA’s The Bond Classic Martini that goes into the history of the drink, along with Bond’s latest creation in Casino Royale, the Vesper (sans the Angostura bitters).

A Miss Moneypenny, on the other hand, consists of Belvedere vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime, and, of course, passion fruit. It would seem that even Bond, lover without prejudice that he was, rated his women as he did his martinis. But oh, he looks so dashing doing it, no?

bar (2)

Dukes Hotel, London




~ by eaesthete on 07/12/09.

3 Responses to “Perfecting the Bond Martini”

  1. I must note the ‘Dukes’ next time I am over the pond. Lovely and handsome Sean Connery is indeed the one and only true James Bond (Oh-oh, I know this could be trouble…) Cheers!

  2. I believe that Mr. Bond ordered his drink in a champagne goblet in the book as well. It is also written that he liked only one drink before dinner, but that it be very large and very strong.

    • Right you are E – he liked one drink before dinner — large, strong and very cold. He had such definite tastes, no?

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