Nicolas Mathéus




~ by eaesthete on 07/01/09.

4 Responses to “Bliss”

  1. Errant Aesthete – I am at a crossroads.

    While these are magnificent settings in the historic context of design, do they continue to move me?

    Increasingly, I am asking myself tough questions that ultimately define whether an object has aesthetic value, emphasis on value.

    I viewed the French documentary film ‘Home’ recently and it moved me greatly. (You can view it for free on YouTube, or pick up the dvd – 1 hour 30 minutes.)

    I invite you to see through the lens of ‘Home’, and perhaps revisit my thoughts on this post.

    • Vineca,

      I understand the dilemma of design and aesthetic value and have long honored what personally “moves” me. I will relish, I feel sure, the documentary on “Home” as I’ve always thought that place to be a very personal one connoting self as much as decor. (NOTE: I thought this to be a topic of home as sanctuary, but having looked into the documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, it is of home as earth, which suggests a whole other philosophical and moral discussion that we might continue after I’ve viewed the video). But getting back to the post:
      These images portraying exquisite beauty in furnishings and design are but a part of the whole. Personally speaking, what’s masterful for me is the breathtaking presentation styling and artistry of photographer Nicolas Matheus. If you’re not familiar with his work, he’s a Parisian photographer who is featured quite often in Cote Sud. I admit to a bias to that publication and its choices, but like Tim Walker, who does for fashion what Matheus does for spaces, both seem to have perfected and refined a reverence and aesthetic in the staging of their images that simply inspire awe.
      While my eye notes the details, it’s my imagination that is seduced, transforming spaces into magical settings bathed in texture and light that invite you to simply step in to the frame, leaving you perfectly content to have had the privilege of having dined there, slept there, been there.

  2. wow, this is incredibly beautiful photography….

  3. This is indeed a discussion for another time, so just a few final comments –

    I want to be transformed by photographs. And it seems that I am no longer in complete awe of ordered and ideal beauty. Could it be that I am increasingly informed about the ‘world around me’?

    The industrial revolution and all that it embraced, gave birth to Dadaism and an ironic visual language that truly challenged the familiar aesthetic….the same era that gave rise to many of the visionaries we view on this blog.

    Please do see ‘Home’. To reassure, it is not Al Gore talking about melting glaciers and polar bears…nor Woody Harrelson advocating raw food). Lovely Glenn Close narrates this film and it is all the better.

    It is ‘Home’.

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