Ease Unrehearsed


Cecil Beaton resplendent in his fourth costume of the evening as host of his garden party. Circa 1948.


Be daring,

be different,

be impractical,

be anything that will assert

integrity of purpose

and imaginative vision

against the play-it-safers,

the creatures of the commonplace,

the slaves of the ordinary.


~Cecil Beaton




~ by eaesthete on 06/22/09.

4 Responses to “Ease Unrehearsed”

  1. Completely besotted by both the image (I would wear that ensemble today) and the quote.

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by Beaton. Very talented in so many ways – photography, set design, costuming, etc. A friend and associate to the rich and powerful. But like most interesting people, he had a light and a dark to him.

    • Elaine,

      I share your view. I have read a good portion of his diaries
      and it’s curiously disturbing to find that the very people he
      cavorted with, traveled among, partied alongside, would,
      inevitably, find their way into his diary’s pages in the most
      unflattering of presentations. It was as though he were
      an observer or an informant conducting himself in the most
      desirable manner and the friendliest of ways in high society,
      while secretly harboring an alter ego who was detached,
      judgmental and scrupulously fiendish.

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