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Singapore’s new wine retail shop Artisans Cellar has its entire collection of luxury cuvee wines displayed unabashedly in a concrete tunnel protruding from the shop front. The cellar is the main factor in drawing the passerby into the store, yet it marks the end of the visit as visitors have to traverse the reception area and wine tasting lounge, giving a sense of an experience they have made its full circle.

Local creative shop Asylum, which designed the interiors, worked with a professional cellar builder to ensure optimal wine storage conditions in the three-by-six-metre tunnel. The walls were insulated, and the glass double glazed with a heated panel on one end to prevent condensation. Soothingly beautiful, quietly efficient.

Artisans Cellar, by Asylum Creative, Winner of D&DA Award for Environmental Design

World Architecture News




~ by eaesthete on 06/17/09.

2 Responses to “Artisans Cellar”

  1. Ohhh! I LOVE the words that wrap the wall. What great texture! I wonder how they did that…Im not a woodworker or anything, but that must have taken forever!

    • The typography on the language of wine is etched into whitewashed walls. There was additional information in World Architecture News which read:

      While other cellars connote heritage, Artisan Cellars is a statement of modernity with a dramatic lack of forms and minimal use of curved lines. Wide floor-to-ceiling glass doors beckon the curious and the place is characterised by dramatic right angles. Devoid of images and dominated by white space, the store uses typography to communicate instead. The text quotes famous talk of wine, such as Galileo Galilei’s “Wine is sunlight, held together by water”, bringing users and authors of the space closer together. Etched into whitewashed walls, the quotes overrun from one wall to the next, uniting the space and conversations.

      It is a masterpiece of calm, so befitting wine.

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