Won’t you join me …


Grapes, Santorini; William Abranowicz, 1998

Dearest readers, lurkers and those with consuming and/or occasional interest in the comings and goings of the Errant Aesthete:

As a cocktail swilling savant who can breezily cavort with the best of them, yet harbors a penchant for privacy at days end, you might well understand my dilemma recently when faced with the task of suddenly being forced to market, publicize, pitch and spin myself in a dizzying dust up approximating celebrity, or what I scornfully dismiss as a shameless display of self promotion.

In the culture of the times, a fanciful whim of trying out for a six month stint at a local winery as a “lifestyle correspondent” went from a sublime flutter of possibility to a beleaguered slog of matching the exhibitionism of American Idol with the ingenuity of The Amazing Race or the derring-do of Dancing with the Stars, all the while facing anxieties of banishment, humiliation and permanent isolation. Were these the only choices open to a recessionista? Could we not just resolve this quietly, I thought, over a glass of Fume Blanc, amidst a pleasant banter of favored vintages and a friendly handshake?

Not so, I’m afraid. In a media drenched culture, with a camera at the ready in every handbag, cell phone and laptop in western civilization this little winery, Murphy Goode, made a big-time marketing decision. Harness the power of video with the massiveness of the web to lure the world into the selection of a candidate, while enhancing your own notoriety worldwide. Brilliant, but daunting.

Thus, in the spirit of good sport and friendly rivalry propelled by the promise of apprenticing in the vineyards of Napa, enlightening the world on the glories of the grape, and reveling in one of the most enchanting places on earth, I have cast my fate to the northwesterly winds. How I will fare, I know not. But in all these many months, years now, that we’ve been meeting, clandestinely so to speak, I thought this a good time to extend a more personal hello. It’s not exactly how I might have arranged our first assignation with me in the throes of your mercy, and if you think me gauche for even suggesting the possibility of asking for a moment of your time or just plain vulgar in shilling for a vote, I’ve displaced enough angst on the topic, to be sure. And there is, after all, a comments section to vent your displeasure.






~ by eaesthete on 06/14/09.

33 Responses to “Won’t you join me …”

  1. Just voted for you, of course. How I wish I had that rich voice – more to envy.

    • Mrs. Blandings,

      My most devoted ally, I knew you would be first to comment. You never disappoint. My gratitude is boundless.

  2. Love it!!
    Keep up the good work, and be not afraid.

  3. Good luck. I’d most certainly hire you.

    • Dearest HOBAC

      I so miss you in the neighborhood; it’s just not the same without you.
      Happy to know you’re still around, however, and thank you for your kind words.

  4. Trust your audience, EA. You are loved and respected. Of course we vote for you and look forward to Murphy Goode having the good taste and wisdom to take full advantage of your good taste and wisdom. Based on your video, your artful eye and gift for language work magic beyond blogging. Good luck and best wishes. We toast your future success.

  5. I’ve been stopping by here for months. I guess you would call me one of the lurkers. But it’s time to speak up. I seriously love your blog. There’s just so much fascination I always seem to feel better after stopping by. The site is beautiful, the posts thoughtful, the prose eloquent, and now here you are in the flesh — the errant aesthete and better than I could have imagined. You’ve got my vote.

  6. Anna,

    Thank you for your good wishes. All of this warmth from everyone is balm for the soul and salve for the ego. I always thought if I was going to fall on my backside, I’d do it in private near the fainting couch.

    A self confessed lurker! Thank you. I’ve been reading of late on several blogs that the art of the comment is in serious decline. Most unfortunate when it is the essence of an online existence. A heartfelt thank you.

  7. Based on your truly beautiful video, well crafted words and sensual voice you should win hands down. You got my vote.

  8. Ron,

    This flurry of admiration (along with the multiple comments it has generated) has me giddy beyond belief. I now know how the “most visited” feel. I’m running out of ways to say thank you so let me resort to a simple Merci.

  9. Conventional wisdom dictates that the most qualifed person for the position lands the job. After viewing your video, that person would be you. Simply splendid !

  10. EA-

    You never really know people on the Internet. Some reveal themselves at the outset. Others are only the identity they claim. All of this time, visiting as an interloper, I always felt as though I couldn’t compete here. It was all so sophisticated and, I guess the word would be, urbane. But here you are. In a competition of your own that challenged you. In reading this, I sensed what it meant to you. And i realized too, you either take a risk, or keep on going as you are. Thank you for empowering me to “stretch” more. You are amazing! I’ve always loved this blog, now I love the creator of it as well.

    • Tom

      Competitions, I hope, are not based on personality contests, but ability and qualifications. While I may abhor how this might be run, speaking personally, I do hope in the end this will have little to do with stats and more to do with who can bring the most to the position. Forgive the corporate speak.
      Mary Kay,
      I will say again, this was a stretch for me. My work has always been behind the scenes and that’s where I’ve flourished. I am an endorser and an enthusiast. But I agree about taking a risk and so I did.

  11. Now that I see you and know your name, I feel compelled to finally leave a comment. I’ll have you know Suzanne that you and I go back to the beginning days of the errant aesthete. Way back to the Bond martini, smile. I do visit here when I find the opportunity, and when I do I just feel more relaxed and better afterwards. Thank you for that. As for the video, it’s wonderful! I wish you all the best. But please don’t abandon us if you get the job.

    I fear I neglected this comment somehow since it’s most unusual. Forgive me. And it grieves me to know it was with someone who’s been with me since the Bond martini. As it turned out, this was not meant to be, but with a bit of pluck and resilience there is another adventure up ahead. I hope you’re still coming by and do accept my sincerest apology for tumbling past your post.

  12. Beautiful video, beautiful voice, beautiful blog AND I’ve now figured out how to leave a comment. Thank you for everything.

    — Miss Whistle

  13. Dear EA –

    Your video is elegant, lovely and very tastefully done. Beautiful work. Superb! Best wishes to you, and I hope you get the job!

    • Lynne,

      What a lovely surprise. I think you’ve been with me and this blog from the very beginning. So nice to hear from you and thank you for your comments and support.

  14. PS …….. I just voted for you :)

  15. Dear EA –

    You’re quite welcome! And yes, I have been with you and your wonderful blog from the very early days. You should also know that I’m a “regular”. I visit your site every two days or so, to see what new things you’ve added, read your articles, look at the photographs and review the posts of other fans. You’re a very gifted writer. I’ve always enjoyed writing myself.

    Good luck again! That’s a winning video for sure!! I’ routing for you!


    • Lynne,

      I am so touched to learn you’re a “regular.” There have been many days in this odyssey
      when I questioned who, if anyone, was out there. You have no idea how it pleases me
      to know there is someone accompanying me along the way. Thank you for your
      very kind words and do comment every now and again. It’s most reassuring.

  16. I certainly shall. I’m not going anywhere :) And thank you, too, for your kind words.

    I noticed that my most recent post was here momentarily, but then suddenly gone. Also, when I first clicked on “submit” for that post, a notice came up saying something to the effect of “duplicate comment – you already said something like this”.

    Anyway – best wishes, EA. I signed up for the Murphy-Goode newsletter so that I can track the progress of the video submissions.


  17. Okay, now that post has reappeared. Disregard what I said before. Sorry!

    No worries. This section is known for fits of temperament.–EA

  18. I voted for you! and was so glad to meet you, if only thru the magic of video! Hope you will still blog when you get the new job. My fingers are crossed for you! Best, Margie

    • Margie,

      Thank you so much. Trust me when I say that having readers like you
      weigh in and wish me well has made this entire public debacle well worth
      it – whatever the outcome. It’s good to meet you as well and do keep
      coming back.

  19. my vote has been cast. You’re in. What cinched it for me was the voice. The eye shot worked great too. But that voice! Spellbinding! Look at this way, if you don’t land the 6 month deal, I would think that Murphy & Goode would at least keep you aboard to do some of their voice over work. Good luck!

    • Brad,

      That could be an interesting option – voice over work. Having worked in the industry,
      it is most assuredly one of the best gigs around. Thanks for your support.

  20. I’m at a loss for words! After all the comments before me, what more can I say, except maybe… awestruck. Thank you so much for allowing us a glimpse of the ingenuity behind the AEsthete. I know this video will be one that I’ll come back to time and time again. I can appreciate your dilemma considering our media-frenzied, wacky world, where everyone can be a journalist or paparazzo. Let me assure you of the positive effects your revealing of a persona has among us readers, and particularly one who excels in delayed resonance and ripple effects, commenting some nine days after the post. It’s the least that I can do to show my support and enthusiasm for your courageous act by clicking on a vote. All the best and enjoy the ride!

    • Arti,

      It matters not that your comments are belated.
      It is one of the most moving and heartfelt of responses.
      Thank YOU for articulating and understanding much of the
      conflict I feel and have felt. I am deeply touched by your
      sentiments and support.

  21. Longtime follower, first time commenter. For the longest time I couldn’t explain what about your video I liked so much (by the way .. you have my vote ..and good luck!). I mean don’t get me wrong, I looked at some of the others and there’s no doubt that yours was the most professional, wonderfully written, beautifully shot, even scored. And to see you after all this time. Well, it’s obvious you’ve got style, class and taste just like your site. But then I looked at an earlier response, and bingo, the light went on! What really struck me most about your presentation is the voice. Yes, the voice! Do you do it now..voice work?

    • Catherine,

      I am secretly thrilled that people are not only taking the time to vote, but taking the time to post about it. While the number of views is respectable, the dearth of comments has been somewhat disappointing. I have long thought EA was easily digestible, but perhaps not provocative enough to excite, inspire, infuriate, etc. I do hope my brief little cinematic “hello” may have started a trend with people like you posting for the first time. Thank you.

      And no, I do not do voice work, but thank you for the compliment.

  22. I discovered the Errant Aesthete only yesterday and must have sneaked away from spreadsheet boredom into your wonderful world around 7 times already today; it’s irresistible! I hope to see your name in the Murphy Goode Top 10 tomorrow. It will be more than deserved.

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