Summer Sangrias


In years past Sangria, a delicious, fruit-based wine “punch” composed of wine, fresh, seasonal fruit and a bit of bubbly water or citrus flavored soda, whose traditional heritage was well rooted in Spain, suffered from a badly maligned and ill deserved reputation. When EA first posted a piece on Sangria in 2007, popular opinion suggested that for most people, the word “sangria” brought to mind “a blend of cheap wine, brandy and overripe fruit, like one of Carmen Miranda’s hats doused in liquor.”

But that was before mixologists came onto the scene, those cocktail wizards of magnificence who know the art of blending good wines with top-shelf spirits, exotic fruits and aromatics to create a whole new type of sangria.

At Suba and Boqueria in New York City, for example, Roger Kugler has even moved beyond using wine as a base; his unconventional sangrias include ones made with beer and another with fino sherry. And at the new, Latin-themed San Francisco bar Cantina, Duggan McDonnell serves about a dozen varieties of sangria-like pitcher drinks, including his “farmers’ market sangria,” reimagined daily with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Food & Wine shares their top shelf recipes below:


Tuscan Sangria

Vino Francesca

Sangria Flora

Brewsky Sangria

Zen Sangria

White Wine & Sparkling Cider Sangria






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One Response to “Summer Sangrias”

  1. Great photo. You can almost taste it. I am a devotee of Sangria and have to admit, it’s come a long way from orange rinds and sugar. The White Wine & Sparkling Cider version sounds amazing. Can’t wait to give that one a try.

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